Steven Herrick’s

Steven Herrick’s, The Simple Gift, explores relationships and the effect that simple gestures have on the main characters Billy Luckett , Caitlin Holmes and OId Bill; as well as the minor characters Ernie and Irene. Herrick’s use of colloquial language and the writing style of narrative and verse poetry contribute to the holistic theme of the novel. Already, Herrick has used a likeness of Old Bill and Billy’s name to convey an almost coincidental relationship. Billy Caitlin and Old Bill are all escaping a emotional pain associated with their families, as a result of this they connect through their experiences. The recurring technique of juxtaposition is used with examples such as Ernie and Billy’s father and also Caitlin and Bill. First person narrative account allows the reader to engage with the characters as well as understand the turmoil of their lives, such as the


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