In World • The BurjKhalifa

In World
• The BurjKhalifa, Dubai, is the tallest building in the world. SCC was used throughout the structure, and pumped 166 stories from the bottom.
• In 1997, the Jin Mao Building, Shanghai, China is the fifth tallest building in the world standing at 421 m (1380 ft.) and 88 floors. used SCC to construct a 4-m thick, 64×64-m foundation.
• The Mori Tower in Shanghai, China, Thus building, at 492 m (1614 ft.) tall and 101 floors, consumed more than 3,00,000 cu.m of concrete.
• In Japan, the Yokohama Landmark Tower also used CFT with SCC for earthquake resistance. This is Japan’s tallest building at 296 m (971 ft.) and 74 stories.
• The scc are used in world at Akashi Kaiko (straits) bridge Japan. The volume of the cast concrete is 2,90,000 cu.m


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